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Basic information of the exhibition

Exhibition date:   March 24-27, 2020 (once a year)

Exhibition venue:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Exhibition time:   08:30-17:00

Exhibition area:   80000 ㎡

2800 + exhibitors 150000 + visitors 90000 + purchasers

Contemporaneous activities:
Forum, meeting, dinner (to be determined)

Scope of exhibition


Snack food :

Chocolate, candy, biscuit, pastry, candied fruit, preserved fruit, sweets, puffffed food, nuts and other snack foods.

Functional foods :

Nutritious health foods, organic foods and children's snacks.

Maternal and child supplies :

Nursing products, cleaning and disinfection products, skin care products,

health care products, baby care appliances, milk powder, supplementary food, health and nutrition products, baby food, etc.

Green agricultural products :

Organic agricultural products, ornamental agricultural products, rough

processed agricultural products,etc.

Food Material Supply Chain :

Including cold chain catering supply chain, high-end oil and condiments,

meat and aquatic products, frozen food, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping food, semi-fifinished products, ready-to-eat convenience food, prefabricated dishes, condiments, edible oil and other catering supply chains to distribute food ingredients.

Household commodities

Tableware, cups, kitchen utensils, Kitchen gadgets, bathroom utensils, Cleaning appliances, Clean chemicals, household decorations, household textiles, Smoking set, small household appliances, storage products and daily hardware


Perfume, cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel and other personal care products. Forestation, environment protection, pure, organic/natural products ,supplements and cosmetics. Professional salon products and instruments, hairdressing products and instruments, hair salon, furniture, nail products and accessories. all kinds of household cleaners, etc.


Wine :

all kinds of wine, beer, craft beer, whisky, brandy, cocktail, strong exotic liquor , traditional white spirit, and other alcoholic drinks and wine matching, wine packaging, wine utensils, etc.

Beverages :

fruit and vegetable juice drinks, dairy drinks, functional drinks, carbonated drinks, tea and tea drinks, vegetable protein drinks, mineral water, coffffee and supporting equipment, milk tea, honey blending drinks, etc. Liquid milk, milk powder, condensed milk, infant supplements and other dairy products.

Pet Products

Food (staple food and snacks), clothing and cushions, toys cleaning category, health care category, life traction category and beauty related category.

Shenzhen Friendship City Zone

Shenzhen has signed friendly cities with more than 80 cities around the world, such as New York, London and Dubai. In order to promote cooperation and exchanges with friendly cities, we invite you to publicize the culture and economy of your city in Shenzhen in order to achieve higher level of cooperation.

Import Cross-Border E-commerce Exhibition Area

International Tmall, International Jingdong, OMALL and various related supporting services.

Trade In Ancillary Services

Import agents, import trading companies, import customs declaration, commodity inspection, logistics, cross-border e-commerce services, duty-free warehouse services, supply chain services, banking services, emerging technologies, service outsourcing, creative design advertising, packaging, integrated services, etc.

Tourism Culture Exhibition

This is an international cultural exchange platform, we provide cultural education, tourism publicity services.The concept car zone for imported yachts and small aircraft was set up in China for the fifirst time

Booth rate

Exhibition hall

Standard booth (3x3)㎡

Special booth (36㎡ up)

Hall 1

USD2800 Standard Booth


Hall 2

USD2800 Standard Booth


1. The exhibition adopts 9m2 standard booth;
The standard booth includes: three display boards, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220V 10A power outlet, carpet and the company's Chinese and English name fascia.
2. The special installer (open space) is not equipped with any equipment.
3. The general layout of the exhibition hall shall be arranged by the general assembly in a unified way, and the layout of the exhibition space shall be arranged by the exhibitors themselves. For other services, please refer to the exhibition manual.
4. The exhibition manual will be sent to exhibitors in November 2019. For more details, please visit www.szifchina.com


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